Pre-ICO begins in
on December 11th, 2017

Be a part of the global economy regardless of your socio-economic standing or what region of the world you live.

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UbiquiCoin's Ecosystem

The first decentralized digital currency to be backed by a financial guarantee that scales with the size of the ICO, built on a proven infrastructure, with an equitable revenue share structure, all designed to optimize and implement the goals of the global financial revolution. The future has arrived.

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Our Offering

Token Sales begin 4th Quarter, 2017

Currencies accepted BTC, ETH, XRP

Early adopters rewarded with lower pricing

All coin holders share in revenues

Banking solutions for the unbanked

Worldwide relationships already in place

Day 1 pricing will be based on exchange rates set so that tokens are priced at approximately $1.00 per token. The price per coin will increase based on the amount raised (excluding Pre-ICO). Certain assets hurdles will trigger price increases, which are outlined in the table below.

Price Increase Relative To Amount Raised (excluding Pre-ICO)

  • $0 to $5.0mm
  • $1.00
  • $5.0mm to $25mm
  • $1.25
  • $25mm to $50mm
  • $1.50
  • $50mm to $75mm
  • $1.75
  • $75mm to $100mm
  • $2.00
  • $100mm to $125mm
  • $2.50
  • $125mm to $150mm
  • $3.00
  • $150mm to $175mm
  • $3.50
  • $175mm to $200mm
  • $4.00
  • $200mm to $225mm
  • $4.50
  • Above $225mm
  • $5.00

Guarantee of $1.00 Per Coin

Guarantee will be spread across all coin holders

Maintains a minimum value for each coin

An ecosystem backed by real value

A significant financial guarantee backed by a diversified pool of assets is in place to create a sustained minimum value for each coin. All coins purchased in the ICO have a Financial Guarantee of $1.00 per coin that provides real, quantifiable, downside protection.

The financial guarantee provides all Progressive Coin holders with downside protection equal to $1.00 per coin. The guarantee scales with the size of the ICO, so if 100 million coins are sold in the ICO, the guarantee is $100 million. If 200 million coins are sold, the guarantee is $200 million, and so on. It ensures that if the business were to stumble and the guarantee is triggered, coin holders are able to re-cooperate a substantial portion of their investment.

The guarantee is provided, in part, by Schneider Securities ltd. Schneider was founded in Scotland in 1119 and re-domiciled to London in 1999. It now operates under the auspices of the Financial Conduct Authority, the International Chamber of Commerce and the European Banking Authority. Schneider has over $750 million of assets under management that will be used to back the guarantee for UbiquiCoin.

Our Solution

We are dedicated to creating a democratically decentralized ecosystem, backed by a diversified pool of low risk assets, that is unhindered by the political state of any specific nation, that addresses the flaws of traditional banking systems, and that helps mitigate the growing inequalities in our society.

Blockchains cannot be stopped and cannot be censored. They can be ubiquitous and they are verifiable, immutable, and usually accessible. Current cryptocurrencies, however, are also slow, expensive to use, and never immediately decisive. As disruptive as they are poised to be for virtually every vertical of modern society, they cannot co-exist with today's world-wide infrastructure in a meaningful way yet. A hybrid model is required to address the current challenges facing digital currencies. Ubiquicoin provides this through its world-wide ecosystem that rests on an existing open-architecture transaction engine that has been operating and enhanced for the past 16 years; a transaction engine designed specifically to serve the unbanked, underbanked, and small savers of the world, regardless of their socio-economic standing or regional location. Connected to several blockchains, two for coin management and the rest for services and goods management, this existing infrastructure will provide an ideal foundation for the growth and development of the Ubiquicoin ecosystem.

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